The good, the bad, and the ugly.

Most of this is genuine. Scout’s honor.

On Indifference:

“Rated ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ by some people, less by others.”

“It is an uncaring, cruel and wrist-slittingly depressing world.”

“Horrifying, emotional, and physical experience splatter across the pages in detail, leaving no group untouched.”

“The belt loops on my pants hurt.”

“Needed a shower after reading.”

“Recommended read but not if you’re already depressed.”

“If you live in a bubble it’s not for you.”

“Obviously not in the writing game to make friends.”

“Had a cry and a wank at the same time.”

“Graphic but good.”

“Lacks focus.”

“Eminently unlikable characters who take your guts on a bit of a rollercoaster of disgust at their actions.”

“You won’t find this on a supermarket shelf any time soon. You weren’t meant to.”

“If you like your reading material pretty and sweet, this is not for you.”

“Shit happens everyday, and it can happen to you.”

“A glimpse of some of the darkness that occurs in [Berg’s] mind…”

“Unflinching and unsettling.”

“I found ‘indifference’ an unnecessary, selfish, indulgent waste of my emotions.”

“Please be warned that it is dark as fuck.”

“It really spotlights the hypocrisy and deceit of society using a literary burning torch of cynicism and rage.”

“Self-assured tryst with one’s darkest self.”

“It’s clever, it’s biting and it has some very strong messages to share.”

“A lot of violence and sex and swear words and just generally F’d up sh-t in this book.”

“Like reaching into Creepy Uncle’s pocket for a piece of hard candy.”

“It’s disgusting…Berg is disgusting.”

“Rape and fart jokes.”

“A polished turd.”

“Graphic and heartbreaking.”

“Indifference examines the less desirable aspects of the human condition in a fashion that may leave some readers feeling queasy.”

“The darker narrative shows that human life lost any kind of value.”

“Dark and Honest.”

“Darker side of humanity.”

“The kind of shit your mother warned you about.”

“Fridge don’t fart when you pull your meat out.”

“Echoes of Hubert Selby Jr.”

“As much piss, shit, blood, and vomit as possible.”

“Pure shite.”

“Brutally honest.”

“Bawbag, innit?”

“Tell him what you think. He’s an ass.”

“Powerful, brutal, dark, angry and thought-provoking.”

“The whole range of human emotions is on display, with the notable exception of happiness, joy, satisfaction and love.”


“Lots here to not necessarily like or enjoy, but to ponder and reflect upon.”

“Everything is terrible. People are all terrible. You are terrible. The world is a terrible place.”

“Everyone is largely indifferent to the suffering around them, too caught up in their own broken existence to care.”

For Daddy Monster:

“An increasingly tense read. Dive in if you dare…”

“A properly funny, often dark and incredibly impressive work that screams originality and vitality in a genre that badly needs both.”

“Berg is simply the best kept secret in US indie-publishing.”

“Berg is a writer who definitely embraces the darker side of life and the human imagination.”

“Something is clearly wrong with him. But he writes well.”

“Berg creates some great characters along the way and the story builds like the classic horror story it is towards a very unexpected ending.”

“Well worth a read.”

“It needs more eyes. Why haven’t you read this yet?”

“The best books are the ones that leave a reader unsettled at the end. Daddy Monster does that and a bit more.”

“A narrative that doesn’t let go and an ending that will never quite be forgotten.”

“Daddy Monster is a horror story that starts dark and gets darker.”

“There is a flow and rhythm that keeps the reader engaged, until the tense and unforgettable climax and conclusion.”

“I did not see the twist coming and the ending brought tears to my eyes.”

“Clearly, not enough people have experienced Daddy Monster yet.”